Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors

Anna Gardner, President

Kelly Toney, Vice-Chairperson

Birdella Holdread, Secretary

Jonathan Anderstrom, Treasurer

Gail Enders, Superintendents Designee

Kelli Brady

Kim Burger

Kelly Toney

Michelle Harlow

Lacey Parsons

Tonya Gard Burns

Sherri Holmes

Nikki Welsch

Heather Wilt

Lindsey Procko

Julie Summy

Don Day

The volunteers who make up the board of directors serve multi-year terms with the focus of helping students advance their education and helping teachers in their quest to help students. We’re able to offer scholarships to students and teachers because of our strong community support. We appreciate all the help you can offer.


Thank you for your support of our community, our youth, and both of their futures.


Get in Touch

Let us know if you have questions regarding our mission, the scholarship application or how to donate.