Grants and Scholarships

Dear Seniors,

Congratulations on your journey and making it to your Senior year of high school. If you have chosen to move on to undergraduate studies, you can apply for five different scholarships through the Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation.

EPS Foundation Scholarship (for up to 20 qualified applicants)

Keith Kirkdorfer Memorial Scholarship (for up to 5 qualified applicants)

Diana Ruble Memorial Scholarship

Owen Payton Memorial Scholarship

Koenig Medical Scholarship

Smith, Hojara & Lauricella Endowment Scholarship

Teacher Grant Application Form

Please visit the individual scholarship pages to view qualifications and documentation needed for each scholarship.

All applications and necessary materials as listed in the application process should be completed using the Google form for that specific scholarship.

All applications must be completed by April 14 or earlier to be considered.

We look forward to helping as you start your college career! 

Stay safe,
Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation

Get in Touch

Let us know if you have questions regarding our mission, the scholarship application or how to donate.