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About the Foundation


Since 2006 the Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation set forth the mission to create a permanent and sustainable source of funding to support and enhance the educational experience through grants and contributions to programs, students, projects and teachers.

EPS-Students-8 Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation

What is Sustainable a Source of Funding?

When we talk about a sustainable funding source, we intend to supply every graduating senior with a $1,000 scholarship.  As of 2024 we are using a graduating class size of 200 students.  That is our starting point.

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Where Does Funding Come From?

We have a variety of sources within the community that support our cause.  We host a variety of events throughout the year that invite the community to participate in active fund raising.  Generous payroll deductions also contribute to our funds.  Endowment contributions from the community are also dedicated to scholarships entrusted to the foundation.

How the Money is Spent

With our current income, expenses, and investment growth, we are able to deliver approximately $20,000 (20, $1,000 scholarships) per year.  While far from our long term goal, we are grateful to the donors and community for their ongoing support.  The below charts demonstrate our growth and exclude restricted endowment scholarships.


Long Term Planning


We partner with a local investment firm.  In doing so, the team ensures that our portfolio is setup for long term growth while minimizing risk and exposure to market loss.

Restricted endowments are funds donated by members of the community with a specific intent.  These are separate from scholarships generated by the foundation.



We Can’t Make It Alone


With our current investments and annual retained earnings, and perfect market conditions we could begin implementing our goal in 25 years.  

Of course, the market won’t be perfect so we have to continually grow our annual income.  We continue to pursue profitable events, investment strategies, and inviting new donors to contribute to student success.




Our Core Values

Provide responsible service to the community.

Provide Donor Recognition

Be managed by strong leaders.

Exhibit financial responsibility.


Be operationally transparent to the community.

Impact of the Foundation

2022-2023 School Year

Grants Awarded

Scholarships Awarded

Number of Students Helped

2021-2022 School Year

Grants Awarded

Scholarships Awarded

Number of Students Helped

2020-2021 School Year

Grants Awarded

Scholarships Awarded

Number of Students Helped

Foundation History

In April 2006, the foundation was established as an independent, nonprofit organization dedicaterd to supporting the educational mission of our schools.

The Foundation develops alternative sources of income to support learning while strengthening the partnership between teh schools and community.

Dedicated volunteers representing a cross-section of the school community serve as the Board of Directors

Get in Touch

Let us know if you have questions regarding our mission, the scholarship application or how to donate.