Statement of Purpose

The Edwardsburg Public Schools Foundation has been honored to be chosen as the vehicle to oversee the Christopher Stephenson Memorial Scholarship. Christopher’s family and friends have generously endowed the Foundation with funds to offer a $1,000.00 scholarship on an annual basis to a graduating senior who meets the criteria and who plans to enter post-secondary careers.

Christopher Stephenson was a 1997 graduate of Edwardsburg Public Schools. Christopher attended Southwestern Michigan College for one year prior to moving to Florida in 1998.  He began his career at Ring Power Equipment, a CAT company, where he worked in the Parts Department for several years.

He was most recently employed at Toyota Lift managing the Ocala and Orlando branches. In June of 2014, he started a Tow Truck business with an acquaintance in Tampa, FL  Christopher was an avid sports fan and loved the University of Michigan.  He also became a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan during his life in Florida.  He was a member of the Tampa Bay Rough Riders, an organization active in many children’s charities in the Tampa Bay area.

As a student of Edwardsburg, Christopher was an avid athlete who participated in many sports, including football, basketball and baseball.  What set Christopher apart was his enthusiasm as a participant for his team and teammates.  Christopher also contributed as manager of many teams when the opportunities were available. His positive attitude, love of sports and his encouragement of teammates made Christopher an asset to teams. He was a true team player, supporting each classmate and respecting coaches.

Christopher Stephenson Memorial Scholarship Criteria

In preparing the scholarship application, please pay close attention to the following criteria and factors for consideration:

  • Scholarship candidates will be evaluated for embodying the ideals and values of sportsmanship: honesty, integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness, and compassion.

  • While off-field activities and community service are applauded, scholarship candidates will be evaluated for their approach and character in competition. Off-field activities and community service are not a major factor into the selection consideration, and therefore, should not be the main focus of an applicant’s essay or letters of recommendation.

  • The Stephenson Scholarship is not awarded based on financial need. Applicants should not reference their financial situation or socioeconomic background. Applicants who do not adhere to this guideline will be disqualified from consideration for the scholarship.

  • Greatest consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate a track record of sportsmanship and respect directed at opponents, officials and the spirit of the game. Applicants and their letter of recommendation should cite specific examples in which the scholarship candidate displayed extraordinary selflessness and kindness to another individual. While encouraging and helping those within one’s team is admirable, the scholarship committee seeks candidates who transcend expectations for how one should honor the game and treat those outside their circle in competition.

  • Athletic performance (wins and other statistics) is not a factor in the scholarship selection.

  • Those connected to athletic teams, such as student managers, also are eligible for the scholarship should their leadership and behavior represent an extraordinary standard and model for all in sports to follow.